Have a sweet romantic dinner is an everyone dream. Basically, I am also a romantic dining lover and willing to hunt it during my travel. The most challenging part is to find a great dining location with good taste of food yet not too expensive price, isn’t it? I think its very difficult to find that ha..ha…. You could say I was so lucky to find this place. At the beginning I had no expectation at all to have my dinner in this place. In other word, by accident. When I went to the second level of this place, I can’t denied that I was in the best location in Bali (At least in my opinion) to had a dinner on my last day.

Its a Bene Italian Restaurant in Sheraton Kuta Resort Bali! I love their Pizza….so yummy and crispy on the edge. The price is worth much compared to the sunset scenery you could see. Also, the romantic private room is amazing. So, don’t forget to visit this restaurant whenever you come to Bali.

Bene – Sheraton Bali
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