Kursus Fotografi – Have you seen the AVATAR movie? James Cameron is a genius person who had created such amazing movie like Avatar with superb scenery. The rocky hills and all wonderful scenery are located in Zhangjiajie, China. Zhangjiajie is located at the Hunan province with 9,518 km square and the famous part of this spot is the national park. Today, I bring a small part of this location, a mystical forest. Actually this place is a temple and then I set very low angle composition to make it looks different. The weather was nice and you could breathe lightly. I believe this place is one of the most attractive place to go before we die.

Landscape Photography Tips
Use the wide-lens. This word means a lot when you bring your tripod and attach your wide lens like 16-35 or 14-24. The very straight line of the bamboo will be more interesting when we add the distortion effect from the lens. In the morning, the sun rays will appear through the forest and it separates shadows and highlights excellently. Therefore, the HDDR (High Definition Dynamic Range) photo technique works perfectly in this situation. I prefer small aperture such as f/16 with the smallest ISO. When the sun appears, take the backlight composition with 7 different exposures shooting. One of the killer feature of HDDR photo, a gorgeous photo can be taken in backlight situation while the ordinary photo technique only results a silhouette. Finally, I hope you enjoy this photograph and if you have more time, please join our HDDR workshop in March 2014. I will be in Bali with lucky 10 photographers who will firstly learn this technique intensively. It will be 4 full course days of workshop and I guarantee this is the best photo trip in your life.

Mystical Forest
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