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The Next Photo Adventure?
We have received many emails about suggestions to arrange the next HDDR photo adventure workshop. However, personally I need an advice for the destination. China, Japan, Hong Kong, or New Zealand? This time I want a wider participant from around the world. So, I love to hear from you. Just send your recommendation to and put your name, phone, and email. The best adviser will get a bonus software from Travel Photography.

The Beauty From The Cliff
Kursus Fotografi Landscape – Now you can see very beautiful scenery, the blue sea from the cliff. This is one of the best place to see the sunset in Bali – Indonesia. We call this place, an Uluwatu Temple. Thousands people are visiting this place every year and most of them are interested to see the famous Kecak Dance. Also, you can meet a lot of monkeys in this location. The best time to shoot a photograph in Uluwatu is in the sunset time. Use a wide lens and tele-photo lens to have more composition possibility. This photo has taken with 16mm focal length and f/22 aperture. You might want to consider visiting this place during spring or summer. The sun light quality is better during spring and summer and the blue sky will appear all the time. This place is about 60 minutes from the airport by car and the entrance fee is very cheap, around USD1 per person.

Since you are shooting the sea, make sure you come when the high tide appears. Check the Bali Tide Chart (Googling it) and find the medium to high tide time to photograph this area. Wait till the big wave appears and approaching the land, then shoot it with 1/60 shutter speed. Don’t forget to put colorful element as a foreground. Enjoy the photo!

Beauty from the Cliff
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