Kursus Fotografi Travel – I never imagine before how is the jelly fish looks like. I saw few of them in the dirty sea near to my home town Jakarta – Indonesia. In my last trip to the marine park Singapore I was so surprised to see the most beautiful jellyfish I have ever seen in my life. I don’t even know that this thing could be so sexy and swim like a princess. The best part was the facilities of the marine park were great, such as full lighting decoration in their aquarium with a great color to provide amazing ambient lighting.

Photography Tips
Whenever you have a plan to spend your weekend in Singapore make sure to go to the marine park in Sentosa. Now I will share some tricks to have a beauty photo of the jelly. In this trip, I brought my Canon 1DX, a difficult decision considering its weight. My Canon 5D mark III was in the Canon service center for a cleaning service. When I showed this photo to my friends and students, they were so shock and wondering where was the possible location to make this photo? was I using flash? I just keep my smile on fire and said: “I took this with my HDDR technique, no flash in the dark marine park aquarium”.

So today let me share you the basic photo setting for this photo, it will require 3 minutes reading compare to 3 hours full course in my HDDR tutorial – kursus fotografi. The aquarium has great gradation white lighting trough the blue water (Pool paint effect, I think). To make the crystal clear photo, set your aperture to F5.6 to 8 and make sure the shutter is above 1/100 sec. That time my ISO was 3200 with Kelvin white balance. I set the WB to 4,000 K since I want blue and white dominated my photo. Use 24 or 35 mm focal length and never zoom it or you’ll lose its beauty. Then, do some post processing by reducing the noise and play with: a) Contrast, b) Clarity, c) Highlights, d) Shadow, e) Black, and f) Vibrance Color.

You must shoot in a RAW format and then convert it into the DNG. After that, use an Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw to play with the sliders. Why this photo looks stunning and clear? Because I use the RAW and of course set the perfect exposure and White Balance. So hope you could enjoy my photo and have a blessing day.

The Queen Jelly
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