Hi folks…. How are you? Firstly I want to say sorry for the late update in this website. I just came back from Bali HDDR photo adventure (25-28 March 14) and it was great! In the next few days I will share the video to show you how amazing it was. I believe this is the most attractive event that you might ever had before. So stay tune and in the very near time, the full documentation of the event will also be published. As a bonus, you could download our selected RAW photo files as a complement from Bali.


Kursus fotografi – Here we are, again, back to Bali. This time I have explored different photo spots which are very challenging. At the other hand, what make this trip full of excitement is I went to Bali with Travel Photography HDDR students. They are great persons who give me inspirations to take a better photo day by day.

This photo was taken in Mangening Beach at sunset. I walked to the end of the rock edge and set my tripod at the lowest angle. The HDDR photography technique gives me full control to record all beautiful colors and lights that are not possible to capture by our eyes. I set the lowest aperture at f/22 with 16mm focal length and 7 exposures bracketing on this photo. Finally, you can see that the most stunning and vibrant colors appear and they make a tranquil mood sensation. I believe that sometimes we need a big luck to have a great photo. When I hit my shutter, the water blow came up and merged the land and the sea. I was speechless that time and just feel so peaceful. I hope you could enjoy this photo and could join our next HDDR Photography Workshop. Have a great day!

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