The Scoop is an open-air amphitheater located on the south side of the River Thames near Tower Bridge in London, sited underneath City Hall, providing spaces for almost 800 people. Designed by Townshend Landscape Architects, it is a site used through the summer to show films, musical performances and theatre makings by such companies as The Steam Industry and The Pantaloons. I do love this place and I think the architecture of City Hall is one of the best in the world. Whenever you come to London, put this place to your itinerary and have fun with your camera.

Kursus Fotografi – In my last visit I did not have chance to shoot a clear and blue sky. The weather was consistently cloudy and rainy. However, the grey sky after rain is my favorite moment to make a great photo. I brought my wide lens (16-35mm) and use the smallest aperture to make everything sharp. There were so many interesting composition at that time such as post rain reflection, leading line, shapes, and color contrast. With my HDDR (High Definition Dynamic Range) technique, I captured the widest dynamic range to extract the details of each part of the objects. I love the cloud detail and highlight. Hence, with HDDR I was able to extract them all, bright mid tone of the building and clear cloudy day with a gray sky. The long exposure setting helped me to remove the people around the theater. So this might be a good tips for you, pay attention.

Once you are taking a photograph during holiday, the most horrible thing is many people stand up around your photo object. You will never could ask them to step away, believe me if you do that they will so upset to you. The only strategy we could choose is use at least 25 seconds shutter speed and surprisingly all people will vanish from your camera. Finally, hope you enjoy my HDDR photo.

The City Hall
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