I have a good weekend today how about you? Today, I am travelling to the most famous dream land in my home town, Ancol. It has a new hang out area called Ancol Beach Mall. It is a mall with many restaurants and cafes along the beach (100 meters to the water). When I reach there, I see one sweet spot to be photographed. Then, I have a sit order my evening tea and prepare my gear. The best time to get there is at around 4.00-5.00 pm (GMT +7) when the sunset is near. I like the mirror who gives me many reflection, this place is very recommended for your travel photo study (lokasi Belajar Foto travel). So, here the photo

Here’s my week end hangout photo at Solaria Restaurant in Ancol Beach Mall Jakarta. The shape of the building is so nice and you will make a good composition by using a wide lens start from 16-35 mm. The mirror gives us a reflection and the wood color can make your photo alive. In this photo, I set play with a reflection dimension. Actually, my lens could capture the whole scenery (Cafe + Beach) but I think it is more artistic if I hide the beach and show it through the mirror. In other words, you will know that I was in the beach through the reflection, isn’t it? From here, we will learn that the simplicity is the best .

Solaria Ancol – Jakarta

Solaria Ancol – Jakarta

:: Aperture: ƒ/18, Credit: Gema Goeyardi, Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Taken: 24 November, 2013, Flash fired: no, Focal length: 20mm, ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 10s,


Now let me share the technique to capture this photo. First of all, you need a wide lens but not necessary a DLSR Camera. The recommended lens are 16-35 mm or 14-24 mm. A tripod will be your forever best friend and no need flash or artificial light to make this photo. But, to get the best lighting make sure the sun goes lower maybe 1 hour before sunset to have a side light from it.

You could stand exactly at my position heading to the mirror. Set your tripod as high as your head (Not too high). When the sun light touches the wall, get ready to shoot with an Aperture Priority (A or AV). In this photograph, the aperture was f8 and the ISO at 250. But you’ll meet a major problem such as your camera fails to read the correct exposure. Some of the building part will expose very clear but the other will be very dark or you’ll blown out the beach. Do you need to change your camera? NO. Even Leica or Phase One can’t solve this problem. But you can see my HDDR (High Definition Dynamic Range) can perfectly solve the problem, wasn’t it? This is the main reason why I develop this technique. I believe that no camera will beat our eye which could read more than 11 stop exposure range. So, I don’t think that upgrading my camera to the higher level could solve the problem. My secret is very simple, I shoot with the HDDR technique and finally get the photo above. Feel free to leave a comment regarding belajar fotografi HDDR in this article. Have a great weekend.

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