In my first year of studying photography I read that to make a great photograph we need wake up earlier and shoot some photos during the golden hour. At the first time, I had no idea about what the author was tried to tell me in his book. In my opinion, a good photo is a result of a high end and expensive camera, such as Canon 5D or Nikon D2x (These are the most famous camera, that time). I can’t even believe to that book. Hence, I bought a DSLR (Mid-level) camera and started my first photo hunting.

What I see is totally different with my imagination. My photos were flat and definitely far from the word great. I was so frustrated and hate my self much. I though that I haven’t got any talent in photography. But, the funny thing, one day in the airport lounge, I read about the photography article in a magazine which gave short tutorial about how to make our photo extraordinary. Furthermore, this article was inspired me to back to the basic of photography philosophy and asked my self what is photography?

Belajar Fotografi – What is photography?
Photography (derived from the Greek φῶς (phos), meaning “light”, and γραφή (graphê), meaning “drawing, writing”, together meaning “drawing with light”). The basic principle of photography tells nothing about camera gear and other things instead of a light. Finally I realized that there are three secrets to make the photo looks extravagant and it is never be a high end camera.

First you must find a good lighting (Natural or Artificial) in a good color combination (Active, passive, harmonic, contrast, and super contrast) at the right photography composition. A Color is very important since it has a direct access to the human subconscious mind through the right brain which fully control the mood. Our subliminal brain will decide which photos are good and comfortable to watch and it also rejects the bad one.

Furthermore, I am now understand why we must wake up in the early morning to make our photo outstanding. Its all about the warm light of the sunrise. I colorizes and lightens your subject and dramatically turns it into an extraordinary scenery by nature. You could see one of my sunrise photo below

Finally, I could have this photo. A crystal clear with so nice color. This is my reward by willing to wake up earlier than others. Should you interested to learn more about the HDDR techqniue come and lets have a fun with my course (Belajar Fotografi) in Bali this March 2014. I will share my top secrets to make your photos dramatically stunning.

The Morning Boats
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