Belajar Fotografi – My friends never give up to ask me play golf and they said that I will found big pleasures in this game. What finally made me love this game? It was the morning sun ray in The Hills Gold Course, Queens town – New Zealand. I can never forget the beauty of this place, just like a paradise. You might ever hear about the four rivers in the Garden of Eden around the tree of life, I love to sense this place is one of that river. It was very worth to see the sunrise in this place, and you will absolutely have a lot of fun to play golf here.

Belajar Fotografi – This photo was taken during the golden hour in sunrise. In my HDDR technique, I like the back light situation very much. The warm sunlight will shine the water, mountain, and all grasses. Here, you will find beautiful colors composition. So, the best sunrise photo strategy in the Hills is using 7 exposures HDDR directly to the Sun. Use the smallest ISO you could have, and also the smallest aperture like f/16 to f/22. I was using f/16 and ISO100 with 7 different exposures from -3 to +3. This was the best morning photo I could ever have for the last 5 years. I also won the photo competition in 2013 for this photograph (See Awards). Should you want to have the dramatic sunrise photo, don’t be afraid to try shoot a back light while the others stay in their side lighting composition. Every body do that, no more special, isn’t it? Try my HDDR method, and you will be amazed that a back lighting composition could delivers totally dramatic final photo result. Just leave a message for more information about the HDDR workshop (Belajar Fotografi HDDR) in March 2014.

Here is my photo using the HDDR technique. Hope you like it!

Morning in Heaven
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