Kursus Fotografi – Again, I take you back to Hong Kong. When I re-arrange my photo folder, I found this photo and edited for you. I came to this place in August 2013 and enjoy the night life scenery on the pedestrian at Avenue of the Stars. This was my last night in Hong Kong before embarked to Macao. This place worth to visit and should you have spare time wait for the symphony of the light attraction on 7 pm. What you see in the photo is the great Hong Kong city which opposite to the Tsim Sha Tsui sector.

Kursus Fotografi – After you reach this place, walk to the end of the pedestrian maybe around 10 minutes from the drop off location. Use a wide lens and set your tripod for long exposure configuration. Make sure you photograph this scenery during the blue hour to enjoy the whole light reflection while capture the detail of the dark blue sky. Use the smallest aperture such as f/16 to f/22 and very low ISO (Around 100-200) to make the shutter open around 20 to 30”. Why long exposure? You will minimize the ship ghost effect and get perfect light reflection of the scenery. This image has been processed with my HDDR (High Definition Dynamic Range) technique. I was focused to extract the details of all buildings and of course the whole beautiful colors shine from Hong Kong. Visit Hong Kong during summer and you will absolutely enjoy high clarity sky with very low moist in the air. I always read the weather forecast before go for photo hunting. A little tips for you, the air moisture is very important. We would not go hunting when the weather goes hazy. If you are an Android user, download this application, the Go Weather. It is very useful.

Night Life in Hong Kong
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