Kursus Fotografi – Welcome back! We are at the end of this lovely week and maybe you are in your way to Singapore for vacation. Before, that let me share some great travel photography tips in Marina Bay Sands area. The MBS (Marina Bay Sands) is so famous and everyone have a passion to photograph this place, but not all of them know the best spot to shoot. So let me quickly share the best location for you to have a beautiful photograph of the MBS. Don’t forget to bring your tripod with you.

Last year in our travel photo adventure private workshop to Singapore (Kursus Fotografi Landscape) MBS is the top priority in the agenda. There were some great places to explore. First of all, to have the whole area of this place you will not go to the MBS hotel but around 500-1 Km outside the area. The most beautiful cityscape could be taken at the Marina Barrage, Helix Bridge, and near the Marina Financial Centre.

Helix Bridge – How to get there

By MRT: Off at Esplanade MRT Station and go to Raffles Avenue Exit. (You will see the sign, follow it). Walk straight to Youth Olympic Park then take a turn right. The Helix Bridge is connected to the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall or you can walk from the casino for around almost 2 Km.

Walking: From Suntec City Mall, take the underpass at Esplanade MRT Station then go to Raffles Avenue Exit. Walk straight to Youth Olympic Park then turn right to go to Helix Bridge and MBS. The mall is just across Raffles Avenue however crossing the street is not possible for there are no pedestrian lanes in the area. So walking choice is little bit difficult, but walk from the casino is easier even though its far.

Be at the helix bridge just before sunset with your camera and tripod. You will be able to get some great pictures of Singapore downtown’s skyline.

Marina Barrage – How to get there?
Take a MRT to Marina Bay Station and find a taxi to drop you at the exact location. Remember, the most difficult to find in this area is a taxi for your way back. I have been walked for 30 minutes to find a taxi and almost missed my flight when I took this photo during the Singapore independence day.

What lenses should I bring?
Tele-lens will less useful if you are a travel photographer without model. So, make sure you bring the wide lens to shoot all the beautiful cityscape. This afternoon, people who want join the my HDDR Bali Photo Adventurein March 2014 (Kursus Fotografi) has asked me about his 24-105mm lens. Basically, this lens is outstanding and you could use that on your travel photography trip. The 24 mm is quiet good to take a landscape even though the distortion will little bit less than 16-35 mm, while the zoom will be very useful for street photography. So my conclusion 24-105 mm is better than 24-70 mm for this case. For me, in my HDDR technique, 16-35 mm is the best choice. I need more light gradation which could be provided by this lens. However, 24 mm will also great especially in the full frame camera.

And…..hope you have a great trip and enjoy my photo….God bless you

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