Kursus Fotografi – Last year I spent my holiday in a beautiful Island called Umang. This place is located at West Java around 6 hours driving from Jakarta, Indonesia. I never imagine that we have that such kind of beautiful beach and resort in Java area. We had a good time and lot of pleasures. What we can do here is shooting both sunrise and sunset. The sunset is amazing and better than any place I have ever visited. The sunrise is soft, gentle, and has cool temperature, gives you different sensation than sunrise in the east area like Bali or Hawaii. The white sands and blue water are the main selling point of this area.

Kursus Fotografi – There are many potential composition elements could be explored in Umang Island. The resort lobby has an interesting shape. That time I woke up at 5 am in the morning and found wonderful visual elements in front of me. The sunrise had colored the sky and reflected through the window. At the other hand, the building lighting (Orange) perfectly matched with the water color (Contrast Color Orange + Blue). As a bonus, the swimming pool shape works as a leading line to direct our eyes to the building. Believe me I didn’t have any preparation for this composition and it just a luck for me. Sometimes, walk around the area will be very useful rather than busy with our camera all the time. Then, setup my camera in Aperture Priority (AV) with 100 ISO and small aperture (f/11). The file format was RAW and of course this was a HDDR photography. I want to expose all details and colors, then I did it perfectly. Hope you enjoy this photo.

Peaceful Sunrise
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