Gong Xi Fa Chai

I wish you the best fortune and prosperity. Also good luck and much happiness throughout the year.

Kursus Fotografi – Beaches will always offer an interesting scenery to be photographed. There are many great beaches in Indonesia and one of them come with a rocky hill. This place is located in Ayana resort and spa Bali, Indonesia. I was so lucky to have very clear weather with beautiful clouds and blue water color. The Sun rays straightly hit my camera lens and it produced a beautiful yellow sharp line around the sun. This photo was taken with a back light but you could see every details clearly. How to do that? The High Definition Dynamic Range (HDDR) technique will bring your photography to the next level. Have you ever to shoot in the back light? If yes, I believe you will feel a dilemma to choose the exposure. In HDDR, you can expose everything sweet and clear even though during the back light situation.

Lovely Sunset

Lovely Sunset

Camera Setting and Photo Tips
Bring your DSLR camera and put on the tripod. To make this kind of photo tripod is your best friend. The aperture priority will be very helpful to shoot based on the fixed aperture and the whole exposure setting like ISO and shutter speed will follow. I always use a wide lens in my HDDR technique. The 16-35mm is my favorite and it will give you nice dynamic lighting and could possibly capture almost the whole scenery. Since you are use a tripod, set the ISO as low as possible to avoid noise in the image. During sunset, ISO 200 to maximum 400 can be considered with f/8 to 16. Your camera will decide the best shutter to expose the image.

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