Today I take you to one of the best wine cellar I have ever visited. Its located at Sunset On Seminyak Club (SOS Club) Anantara Hotel Bali. This place offers us a high level of comfort and greatest wine from dry to sweet taste. I have spent my time as a social drinker that day and enjoy a bottle of dinner wine with 275 gr NY Strip loin in my holiday with my family. The ambient light was so great and many reflection composition could be captured from the glasses. The dynamic range of this place is outstanding and its a good to be photographed. I used my Canon 5D Mark III with a wide lens 16-35 mm f/2.8 L. If you been here, take a shot from the room corner. I have explored all angle in this room and found the most comfortable angle was at this position. And finally, you can easily get this kind of photo after processed with my newest technique, HDDR (High Definition Dynamic Range) that you could learn by follow our Kursus Fotografi Workshop. Hope you like it and toast for the wine.

Wine Cellar SOS Club
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