Kursus Fotografi Landscape – Sun is the source of a natural light. To make your landscape photography looks gorgeous the Sun presence is a must. In landscape photography, we are familiar with a side light and back light to be used as the main lighting composition element. Without lighting, no camera could gives you a breathtaking photo. Therefore, for me, landscape photographer is could also called as a light hunter. This time, I will give you some tips to shoot a sunrise photo and how to prepare it well for the best final result.


Kursus Fotografi – Sanur Beach is 30 minutes car driving from Kuta Beach. You have to wake up earlier around 4am and get ready on the location at 5.00. Do your morning preparation, set your tripod, and set all camera configuration. The Sun will come out around 6-6.30am (During Spring to Summer) and 6.45 to 7.15 (During Autumn and Winter). Don’t use a shoes since you will need to jump into the water. At the first time, just walk around the beach and scout the best location and composition for the first 30 minutes and then set your tripod and camera setting. Make sure you shoot in RAW. When the sun comes out, you will see the sun comes from the east and it will produce a sweet warm color temperature and side lighting composition. Since you are shooting using a raw file, set your White Balance to AWB (Auto White Balance) and we could edit this in the post processing step later. Personally, I like a back lighting composition. In my HDDR technique, a back lighting technique could produces very dramatic photograph. In the photo below, I was used 7 exposures to catch all dynamic range from a deep shadow to the bright highlight (During the golden hour). Long exposure photo technique is very recommended. Set your ISO as low as possible and go to the smallest aperture (F/16 to F/22). It is a good idea to use the ND Filter starts from 8 – 10 stops. ND filter will help you to shoot in very long exposure without get the light blown out your photo.

So, here is my HDDR result and hope you could enjoy it. Have a great day!. Should you have any comment and questions, feel free to leave a message at the comment box.

Sunrise Touch
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