Belajar Fotografi -I love Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. They inspire me to learn Kung Fu. I do have a private class on Wing Chun Kung Fu for the last 2 years. When I was in Hong Kong, I put the Avenue of Stars at the top of my itenerary visit and thanks God I had a chance to visit this place during sunset. The Avenue of Stars offers you a chance to shot landscape and travel photos with a wonderful scenery. Far straight away from your eye is the Hong Kong city which is separated by the sea from this place. At night, enjoy the symphony of lights.

The Avenue of Stars is located at Victoria Harbour. At the Salisbury Gardens entrance to the Avenue of Stars, stands an oversized (4 ½ meter high) bronze Hong Kong Film Awards Association statue (Just like the Holywood’s famous Oscar trophy). On the avenue is also a life-sized statue of Hong Kong’s legendary Kung-Fu star, Bruce Lee. Along the way in this avenue you will see many stars palm and you can put yours there.

The exact location of this Avenue is on Tsim Sha Tsui promenade at Kowloon Peninsula’s Victoria Harbor, stretching from the Hong Kong Arts Hall to the New World Centre, with a total length of some half a kilometer.

You can take the subway to the Tsim Sha Tsui station and leave the station via the G exit, which is an underground pedestrian tunnel that will take you to the adjacent Jiandong subway station, then follow the J exit out to Salisbury Gardens and the promenade, Tsim Sha Tsui. Follow the posted signs to the Avenue of Stars.

Belajar Fotografi – It is better to go in the week day (To avoid crowd) and I suggest you to start scout the best angle and composition from 03.00pm local time to the end of the symphony of lights (around 7 or 8pm local time). The sunset is superb with the Hong Kong city light just opposite to this place. Well, finally here are my two HDDR photos. Enjoy!

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