Kursus Fotografi – The framing composition has been very famous over the years and even the world top photographers use framing for their commercial project. Today, I have received an email from one of our web visitors. It is an interesting question about how to make himself to be great photographer and could produce a high quality photograph compare to others? This was exactly what I have said few years ago. Being a photographer is about expressing yourself in seeing the world. By blending them together you will sense deeply the meaning of photography. As a photographer we don’t need to make someone happy, or maybe its better to don’t care whether we are better or not from others. Let say we are not born for this industry, in other word, have no great talent like Ansel Adam. I can say for certain that your first 20,000 photos are the worst! By the time, you gained more knowledge, experiences, and then the taste will automatically get an improvement. Art, you cannot make everyone happy with it. It’s all about a taste which is influenced by culture, education, and life principle. Therefore, there is no best photo ever. One photo could be great for someone but bad for others. The most important part is you are satisfy with your own photograph. And trust me, your judgment and appreciation shall change time over time.

Nonetheless, to make a good photograph for general audience you might understand the main philosophy of photography. The greatest photos you might have ever seen are not be taken, but made. We are painting with the light to something comfortable for your eyes, and then subconsciously enjoy the picture. Speaking comfortable, of course there are some rules for that. Let’s start from the compositions, colors, and lighting. Did you remember when you ware a child and received a box of 64 colorful crayons from your mom? Everyone is happy and happy for the whole week when got their first crayon. The color naturally makes people happy. And, let’s imagine you are entering the 5 stars hotel room with sweet and neat decorations, and also superior lighting. Every body will feel very comfy with that environment, won’t they? All of these things are naturally make people happy, feel comfortable, and satisfy. Hence, make sure you arrange/make those things inside your photograph. Choose the good colors, neat, and interesting light temperature to be the main composition of your photograph. Keep it simple and avoid crowd inside your frame.

Kursus Fotografi – Today, I will show you one of my favorite composition of the Venetian Hotel in Macao. Photographers around the world have taken this hotel photo every time they visit this place, so today I try to be different. Not for people admiration, but my own comfy and satisfaction (This is the most important part, you do it all for yourself,). I have used the trees and flowers as my photo frame and set the lowest possible angle. The sunlight above the green leaves act as sweetener. What you have to consider are lighting, framing, and the color composition. Believe me, all of these are not difficult and I will teach you everything in my HDDR Bali photo adventure this March 2014. Hope you enjoy my thoughts and visit the course information here. Have a blessed day.

Sunny Day In Macao
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