Kursus Fotografi – This photo has taken in my first visit to the Venetian, one of the Casino and Hotel in Macao. It was really unforgettable experience to be stayed in this hotel and spent my whole night to play Baccarat in the Casino. For me, Venetian, could be the best hotel architecture in far east Asia. If you have an opportunity to visit this casino never miss your wide lens and tripod. This is a heaven for an architecture photographer. What do I like from this hotel instead of the whole beauty designs? There is no silly photo restriction for all tourists, this awesome! The happiest part, I won around USD1,600 in Baccarat Game that night :) ! Yey!

To make a breath-taking photograph in the Venetian hotel Hall like I did, you have to set a low angle photo for the composition. A long exposure setting is highly recommended to make the walking people disappear. Please be prepared for the crowds, many people will visit this hotel and walk in front of your camera without any permission, so annoying isn’t it? Therefore 20” exposures will help you to remove them instantly from your screen. How abut the aperture? Use the smallest, either f/16 or f/22 and set for 250 ISO. We will reveal all the details and make sure it overall sharp. The ambient lights tend to be yellowish and warm. Hence, use a RAW format to make an adjustment in the post processing step, you can adjust the best white balance in Adobe Light Room.

Here is my photo using the HDDR technique. Hope you like it!

Great Casino
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