Today I will explore the real middle earth of Hobbit village in Auckland in October 2013, the Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours. New Zealand has a wonderful scenery for sightseeing and especially photography. This time I play with my HDDR technique to explore more color and light in the fantasy world. The Hobbiton village gives lot of opportunity for photographer who love color composition. For the next few weeks I will share several photos of this middle earth area and some technique I use in the HDDR post processing. All of the material will be completely shared in Bali HDDR Photo Adventure, March 2014. Let’s see what I get in the Hobbit world.

Kursus Fotografi – If you love a fictional movie like the lord of the ring and Hobbit this place is the best destination for the next summer holiday. Auckland, its 10 hours from Jakarta, the last island in the east part of earth, the most wonderful country around Australasia continent. In 2012 I have visited Queenstown, now the Hobbiton village attract me to revisit NZ. You can check in to the Hobbiton hotel called a farm stay with $165 a night. Today, I share an environment inside the Hobbit house pictured by HDDR photo with Canon 1DX. I love the color combination such as green, brown, and blue. I use 4 software to explore color and lighting composition. I took a photo with 5 different exposures in this photo from -2 to +2 with very low ISO at 200 and small aperture at f/13. I use Adobe Photoshop CS6, Light Room 5, Photomatix Pro 5, and Perfect Photo Suite 8.

The Hobbit House
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