Kursus Fotografi – Macao is the most famous city of gambling in Asia. I think this is the best destination you could have for 5-6 days photo travel journey. Also, Macao has relatively close distance with Hong Kong and China so one week photo tour will give you a lot of fun. I have spent 3 nights in Macao and found many great places to be photographed. One of them is the Macau Friendship Bridge or Ponte De Amizade which connect Macao to Taipa. I lived in the Venetian Hotel, so this bridge is the fastest way to reach the hotel. If you are here, go to this bridge, Ruin of St Paul, the Venetian Hotel inside and walk around the street across to this hotel, and the Grand Lisboa Casino. You’ll meet many great architectures spot and objects to fill your memory card.

Kursus Fotografi – I was so lucky to photographed this photo. It was 2am in the morning and I went there by taxi. The taxi driver spoke English fluently and he knew the best spot to photograph the bridge. There are three bridges in Macao and believe me it is so difficult to have the good one without doing a research. Why I was so lucky? This taxi driver put me in a special location that prohibited for public. This photo has been taken at the small beach guard tower near to the road just before the bridge. After had several shots, there were two police man asked me to leave this location (at 2am, wow!) and checked my passport. Then, I told them to give me several minutes to finish my photo session. Again, lucky me, it has approved.

I set my camera in 5 exposures auto bracketing mode with f/11 and ISO 100. Put it on a tripod and attached the 16-35mm wide angle lens to capture the whole scenery. Shooting in the midnight was a benefit for me. There were no ships at 2am and the wind was so calm. Hence, you could get the best reflection of the bridge without any distraction. Hope you enjoy my HDDR photography.

The Friendship Bridge
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