Bali HDDR Photo Adventure Workshop March 2014
Kursus Fotografi – Today I am so excited to tell you that the webinar stage of Bali HDDR Photo Adventure in 25-28 March 2014 will be started soon. As you know that in this workshop, I will totally transfer all my skills and secret techniques to all participants, and it starts from the intensive online seminar (webinar) for basic knowledge building and preparation. The webinar will begin on the second week of March 2014, and it will cover the theory of composition, exposure, and color. Then, you’ll learn to operate 4 major software to make your photo outstanding in the HDDR technique. So, lets join the photo adventure, and I guarantee you will really enjoy this trip and be the best photographer in your hometown. Click here to get more information about this photo adventure.

Kursus Fotografi – Again, I take you to the Arena of Nimes in France. This time I share the main gate of this wonderful arena at the evening time. Blue hour is my favorite especially when it is combined with the warm color from the building light. I set 5 exposures photo with f/11 aperture to capture the whole lights and colors in this arena. To shoot this kind of architecture, wide lens will be very useful. I recommend 16-35mm f/2.8 L II for Canon and 14-24mm for Nikon. The HDDR technique will work well with a wide lens than normal zoom lens. The wide lens is good to capture more lights and dynamic range for your camera.

Evening in Arena
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