Kursus Fotografi – History might be the most boring subject in the school when we were a child. But the funny thing is when we are travelling, unintentionally we always looking for a historical place whether for taking photos, pilgrimage, or just to answer curiosity. This trip I went to the Marina Life Park in Sentosa Singapore to see the Maritime Experiential Museum. What is the Maritime museum? It is a ground-breaking and interactive. The Maritime Experiential Museum is a unique museum in Singapore where people can experience Asia’s gorgeous maritime history and learn Singapore’s past as a trading port. This journey back in time begins along the early Maritime Silk Route, which reconstructs the sights, sounds and scents of the busy markets and where we can interact with the parades.

When you enter the Museum, a huge life-sized replica of Admiral Zheng He’s Treasure Ship (Bao Chuan) and his massive fleet–a sight will welcome your visit! The Treasure Ships were believed to cruise along with around 40 medium-sized ones such as horse, supply, battle, and other ships which are providing all supplies necessary for their trips. Tourists will be charmed with a good eyesight and the real replica of culture, people, and others material which offer very exciting stories about these ports along the maritime trade routes.

Thousand Ships

Thousand Ships

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