Kursus Fotografi – What I love in the Hobbiton village, Auckland – New Zealand, is its very clear weather with a blue sky and puffy white clouds. A worth to visit place which perfectly blow our fantasy up to the sky. Colorful water with unique hobbit houses in the camp. You might want to meet Gandalf in this area, just say it. We could actually meet him in this place. You’ll enjoy the Hobbit or Lord of the ring environment when you enter the Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours. In this photo below I use the special High Definition Dynamic Range (HDDR) technique to make the photo comes out with a “feel there” sensation. This technique could bring the sun light effect and special lighting effect which could never found in an ordinary photo technique. I use a wide lens in my Canon 1DX with small aperture at f/13 and ISO 100. The photo shows the path to enter the area through a bridge. Hope you enjoy this photo and let’s bring your imagination to the world of Hobbit.

The Hobbit Bridge
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